Juliana looks for antique embroideries and tapestries and other interesting textiles and carefully selects one of her European metallic “galloon” trims to coordinate. (These antique “galloons” were most often utilized in the making of European ecclesiastical garments). They are then sewn onto a piece of luxurious velvet and hand trimmed with a French metallic cording from the early 1900's.


The following excerpt is taken from J. Laval’s book entitled Antique French Textiles for Designers:

“In the history of textiles, embroidery was a very prestigious art. In the Middle Ages, real gold and silver thread [began to be] embroidered onto altar hangings…and other religious articles. The wealthy nobles and bourgeoisie also decorated their homes with lavish embroidered textiles.

"What was so beautiful in the past is still considered to be so now. Especially appreciated in this world of advanced technology is the painstaking skill and time required to create a work with [little or] no practical function involved in the piece it adorns. Its reason for being is its beauty and our visual pleasure. With our imagination we can recreate a lost world of elegance and opulence when there was the time and skill to create this meticulous form of art.”

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