Juliana Antique Textiles is the creation of South Carolina native, Juliana King. Juliana first became interested in textiles on a visit to the Guatemalan markets 17 years ago, where she began to appreciate the hours and energy poured into hand-sewn goods. Subsequent Latin and South American jaunts further intensified her budding interest.

While studying in Spain during her college years at Washington and Lee, Juliana fell in love with anything and everything European and old. It was inevitable that she would become enchanted by antique European textiles.

Juliana is constantly amazed by the incredible precision and workmanship that went into sewing the antique embroideries which are featured on her pillow fronts. It is with utmost care that these one-of-a-kind unique pillows are then created. Upon placing a pillow in a client's home, Juliana is thrilled that another precious preserved piece of our past can live on and garner the attention and admiration it still deserves.